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The current tightening of the labor market and the shortage of quality employees for all kinds of job openings, interesting enough, has put a great deal of recent pressure on companies to find qualified candidates and employees. Therefore, it has become necessary for employers to use temporary employees when qualified career professionals cannot be found. The high wage levels today also do not allow companies the luxury to have a lot of employees sitting around, waiting until the workload picks up. So, once again, companies have found it expedient to use temporaries, then, release them when they are no longer needed. There are certain job duties that are not highly technical or complex, and do not require a great deal of training or education. Employers can teach temporaries to do many routine responsibilities very quickly, getting them up to speed very quickly. Temporaries in highly technical and complex fields often become a pool of skilled temporary workers that moves from company to company, as the need arises. Therefore, it is economically feasible for many companies to share a workforce, rather that to have several hundred employees on the payroll in good times or bad, in peak season and out of season.

At dmDickason Temporary Services, we offer over 50 years of combined temporary staffing experience plus a long-standing reputation of delivering service beyond expectations. Our “boutique” approach to staffing means that we offer you a more personalized and comprehensive approach to your staffing requirements.

As business owners and long time El Paso residents, Don and Martha Dickason have a stake in their community, and are fully committed to the success of their operation. Moreover, we realize that our success depends solely on the business relationships developed with Corporate Clients and Employees like you. Therefore, we strive, everyday, to provide that added personal touch that is so often lacking with larger National Staffing Corporations where decisions that are supposed to be good for you, are being made by people who don’t even know you. dmDickason, however, can offer the large system benefits, training and knowledge with the personal entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on dedication that ensures your satisfaction.

Services We Offer:

Temporary Staffing
We recruit the finest candidates available. Our success in presenting just the right candidate for the job has not only attracted the best job applicants in the area, but has also helped us build and serve a local and national client company list of many world-recognized Fortune 500 Corporations. Many have been our clients for over 30+ years.

Short Term and Long Term Assignments
dmDickason’s customized recruiting, screening, interviewing and reference check system enables us to match our candidate employees to your company’s unique requirements and environment. dmDickason’s sophisticated computerized software is right on in matching our extensive database to your job!

Temporary to Hire (Temp-to-Hire)
Many of our temporary assignments work out so well for our client companies and our temporary employees that they turn into full-time employees with our clients. Some of our clients actually prefer this as a hiring strategy. To find long-term or great temp-to-hire candidates, let dmDickason match your company’s requirements to our extensive database.

On an “a la carte” basis we can test your future and current employees on the latest tutorial and testing packages, including: spelling, typing speed, grammar, vocabulary and data entry. For more information on testing and tutorials, click here: Testing and Tutorials

Direct Hire / Career Placement
Some jobs need to be filled in a hurry, and dmDickason can help in two ways. First, we can find a qualified individual to work on a temporary basis so you don’t have to hire the first person who comes along. Second, our Career Placement Division also maintains an automated database of specific kinds of qualified individuals to help find the right “permanent” employee while our temporary employee fills in.

Executive Recruiting
Tight labor markets, high costs, and stretch objectives call for "out-of-the-box" recruiting strategies and techniques For professional, hard-to-find regular employees, let dmDickason’s 40+ years Executive Search experience go to work for you.

Staff Leasing
dmDickason is also a licensed Professional Employer Organization, or, more commonly known as a PEO. A PEO makes it possible for busy employer’s to economically outsource non-productive Human Resource, Payrolling, Risk Management, and Unemployment Claims Administration tasks to dmDickason so that your key Management will have more time to focus on your company’s growth & increased profitability.

Full Service Personnel Services
While other staffing services often boast that they are “full-service”, dmDickason is truly the largest, oldest and only full-service human resource / staffing company in the Southwest. Drop by one of our offices and let us show you the difference!

We are excited about working with you, and are quite confident that you will share in our enthusiasm.

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