Non-Discrimination Policy

dmDickason does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

dmDickason does not invite, honor or accept discriminatory job orders or requests by clients.  All decisions at dmDickason are based on legitimate business requirements, including such criteria as qualifications, merit, abilities and other job-related factors.

dmDickason Professional Search

The value of Professional Search & Recruiting

To help them build the effective leadership they need, many companies are now turning to executive search firms.  dmDickason Professional Search brings value to our clients because our search consultants can bring your company specialty knowledge of the talent market within your industry.  For companies looking for high-caliber leadership in our increasingly tight labor market, professional search may be the only way to go.  For more information, please click on what is executive recruiting?

dmDickason Professional Search has been serving America’s finest companies and job candidates for over 4 decades.  Our success in presenting just the right candidate for the job year-after-year has not only attracted the best job applicants in the area, but has also helped us build and serve a local and national client company list of may world recognized corporations.  Many have been our clients for over 40 years!

Employer Services Provided

No fit….No fee.  dmDickasonProfessional Search is a contingency search and recruiting Company.  In other words, no fit, ….. no fee!  Client employers are charged absolutely nothing until (and unless) you hire one of the candidates we refer.

dmDickason is a contingency professional search firm where the Executive Recruiter works on behalf of the client company.

We advertise your position and recruit qualified candidates at our own expense, do in-depth interviews, test those who need it, reference check, and maintain one of the most sophisticated computerized data bases of qualified candidates in the area.  We make all the calls, check the availability and interest of the job seekers, set all the appointments, prepare the job seekers for your interview, debrief them afterwards, work with your company to negotiate the right compensation package necessary to bring them on board, provide interviewing offices and counsel to you, and even arrange hotel and flight arrangements if needed.

The substantial work that our Recruiters do on your behalf is done at our expense.  Detailed searches almost always include many time consuming and expensive recruiting efforts including costly recruiting software and training, countless long-distance calls, and hours and hours of tailored efforts to locate the right person for the job.

We are Specialists at what we do

dmDickason’s specialty is to locate those hard-to-find candidates that, for the most part, are happily and gainfully employed and who generally do not surface from internet job boards, classified ads, word-of-mouth or other “traditional” recruiting efforts. Typically, our candidates are not actively seeking a new position, and many are recruited from your biggest competitor.

Our national reach, in addition to proven candidate selection techniques and over 40 years of proven search and recruiting experience, ensures that your specific requirements will be promptly and accurately fulfilled to your exact specifications.  This is the dmDickason difference!
 It is our role to identify and interview candidates who may fit the culture and needs of your company, then present a “short list” of those candidates to you.

The Pitfalls to Internet Recruiting

The anonymous nature of resume submissions on the internet makes it more and more difficult to actually evaluate talent.  The sheer volume of responses to internet postings is overwhelming as job seekers often present themselves for consideration even when they are not qualified.

Shifting through volumes of resumes is a time consuming process.  Evaluating resumes and matching talent to jobs is an acquired skill.  dmDickason’s Recruiters are specialists at sourcing the best talent and presenting that talent based upon specific criteria, thus saving our client employers valuable time and money when filling a critical position.

Before we send you a Candidate… to interview for a professional position, you will be given full particulars, pointing out the areas in which this Candidate meets or exceeds your job specifications and requirements.  Every interview is a potential hire.  The only thing missing is the chemistry, and in many cases we’ve got that one matched too!

The candidates we send you have been hand selected, screened, qualified and personally interviewed; specifically for the position you asked us to fill.  dmDickason’s Recruiters undergo a stringent 4 week formal training program before they are even allowed to meet their first candidate or client employer.  All are taught to use dmDickason’s exclusive 25-step placement process to achieve complete satisfaction.   We start with a complete understanding of what your company requires, and conclude with a new employee’s smooth transition into your place of business.

Until that happens, your company is not charged a dimeOur service fee is earned only if a dmDickason candidate is hired by your company; and, you make that decision – not us.  As a matter of fact, we expect our client employers to remain fully involved in the final stages of the selection and placement process so nothing is left to chance.

We deal in the marketplace everyday… and are very familiar with pay rates, fringe benefit packages, bonus programs, commission packages, etc.  We can help you tailor your package to be very competitive in a tight labor market.

Handling everything in the strictest of confidence

Your company’s name is never revealed until you have approved the candidate and set the interview date.  Interviews may also be held in our private interviewing offices if you wish.

Following a successful placement…

of a qualified candidate with your company, our Recruiters remain in touch with you to solidify the new employee / employer relationship.  And, if the employment of the person hired by your company ends within 30 days after your new employee’s start date, replacement candidates can be provided at no additional charge.  We aim to make placements permanent, and nearly all of them are!

We are excited about working with your company and and are quite confident that you will share in our enthusiasm.

For more information on Professional Search please click on What is Executive Search?

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