Why Pay a Fee?

dmDickason will give you 27 reasons why...

The value of Professional Search and Recruiting

To help them build the effective leadership they need, many employers are now turning to executive search firms. dmDickason Professional Search brings value to our clients because our search consultants can bring your company specialty knowledge of the talent market within your industry. For companies looking for hard-to-find or high-caliber leadership in our increasingly tight labor market, utilizing a professional search firm may be the only way to go.

dmDickason’s specialty is to locate those hard-to-find candidates that are happily and gainfully employed and who generally do not surface from internet job boards, classified advertising, or other “traditional” recruiting efforts.

The anonymous nature of resume submission on the internet makes it more and more difficult to actually evaluate qualified talent. The sheer volume of responses to internet postings is overwhelming as job seekers often present themselves for consideration even when they are not qualified. Sifting through volumes of resumes is a time consuming process and evaluating resumes and matching talent to jobs is an acquired skill.

We deal in the marketplace everyday

Since 1965, with over four decades of experience, dmDickason Professional Search has been serving America’s finest companies and job candidates. Our success in presenting the right candidate for the job has not only attracted the best job candidates in the area, but has also helped us build and serve a local and national client company list of many world recognized corporations.

dmDickason’s Guarantee

No fit…..No fee! dmDickason Professional Search is a contingency recruiting and Staffing company. In other words, client employers are charged absolutely nothing until (and unless) you hire one of the candidates we refer. The substantial work that our Recruiters do on your behalf is done at our expense. Detailed searches almost always include many hours of time consuming and expensive recruiting efforts to locate the right person for the job.

We start with a complete understanding of what your company requires, and conclude with a new employee’s smooth transition into your place of business. Until that happens, your company is not charged a dime! Our service fee is earned only if a dmDickason candidate is hired by your company, and, the best guarantee of all; you make that decision, not us.

Following a successful placement of a qualified candidate, our Recruiters remain in touch with you to solidify the new employee / employer relationship. And, if the employment of the person hired by your company ends within 30 days of your new employee’s start date, replacement candidates can be provided at no additional charge. We aim to make placements permanent, and most of them are!

Employer Search and Recruiting Services

When your company pays our fee, you are simply purchasing our experience. We know the market, we manage your selection process and we know what to do when things start to go wrong. In addition, dmDickason Recruiters are experts at performing all of the following essential Recruiter functions in order to assure that you hire the right person for the job.

We coordinate the job description;
Interview the hiring official for clarification of real needs and expectations;
Assess how your position compares to the market of qualified candidates and advise you of how your position, salary and requirements compare with other employers in your industry (who are competing for the same type of candidates);
Check our existing computerized database for potential candidates already recruited;
Create recruiting action plans through up-to-date industry-related research materials to locate logical talent pool of qualified candidates;
We recruit. However, we never recruit from our existing client employers;
Qualify candidates by initial telephone interviews against job requirements and expectations;
Sift the potential finalists from the window shoppers, tire-kickers and under-qualified “wannabees”;
Perform in-depth, face-to-face detailed and lengthy interviews with potential finalists;
Verify candidate credentials;
Test (if necessary), rank and evaluate chosen candidates;
Arrange and coordinate interviewing appointments around your busy work schedule;
Prepare and counsel candidates for interviews by discussing with candidate company’s needs, culture, organizational fit, hiring authority and company’s idiosyncrasies / personality traits, etc.
Prepare client employer for interviews by providing full pre-interview information on selected candidates;
We sell our candidates on you by overcoming the possible negative features and benefits of your company;
Debrief candidates after each interview, answering unanswered questions and overcoming candidate’s concerns and/or objections;
Debrief hiring authority after each interview, assessing strengths, weaknesses, chemistry, incompatibilities of interviewed candidates and if necessary, make immediate corrections to our recruiting and matching efforts;
Coordinate with the hiring authority to have the finalist(s) references formally checked before extending a formal offer of employment;
Coordinate with hiring authority on other possible offers to be made and set stage for acceptance;
Participate with client employer by providing necessary information on an acceptable compensation package required for successfully negotiating an acceptable offer of employment;
Reconcile any differences between the successful candidate and the employer to smooth the way for an acceptance of a fair offer. (Many times we can actually save your company money by advising you that less money than you had originally had budgeted for this position) can actually be offered;
You are our client! Your best interests, including your budget, are always our main concern. If we can save you money, we know you will continue to use our services;
Arrange with realtors, chambers of commerce, relocation consultants, moving companies, etc., to assure that your newly hired employee (and family) is aware of the details in his/her new location;
Assist successful candidate in cleanly terminating his/her current position. Advise on professional termination process.
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