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Does your current income potential go as high as your ambition? Looking for a career spot that is extremely challenging; one that allows you to deal with a wide variety of interesting and important people in a high-energy sales / office environment; one where your income potential is limited only by you?  Then you should become an Professional Recruiter for dmDickason Professional Search.

For over 40 years, dmDickason Professional Search has been a leader in career placement, completing over 20,000 mid to senior level candidate searches for U.S. and Mexican candidates and corporations.  Today, dmDickason is the Southwest’s premier provider of human capital solutions, providing search and placement services in mid to high level Administrative, Management, Sales, Engineering, Information Technology, Accounting and Healthcare fields.

If you thrive on negotiating deals with intelligent business owners and executives, enjoy solving people and businesses (employment) problems, love being right in the middle of things, feel that you can stay on the telephone 6+ hours per day, and would (someday) love to earn a six-figure income, then this is the job for you!

We will completely train!  You may already work in recruitment, or do something different – it doesn’t matter.  We will consider training you in this ethical, stimulating and high-energy world of Professional Search and Recruiting.  The money you make is directly related to your individual effort, ambition and personal sales / negotiation skills.  This job is perfect for the sales-oriented go-getter that may have limited training or resources, but who has the personal drive, determination and tenacity to establish and develop a highly successful recruiting practice.  Once this career job gets into your blood, you will never want to do anything else! Successful recruiters love their jobs, there is tons of repeat business from well-developed accounts and, they definitely love the money they can make.

If you have 5-7 years of stable work experience in any field where an assertive, “type-A” personality is needed, and where you are currently making between $30 and $50,000 per year, you may qualify for the career opportunity of a lifetime.  We will do the rest!  We will completely train you to develop job openings and recruit candidates to fill them.  You will have a chance to earn substantial commissions, where earnings of $60,000 to $100,000+ are very common!  Consider the idea of leveraging your business contacts and entrepreneurial skills to make some really big bucks!  Average first year income for successful Recruiters is about $45,000; second year is $65,000 and third is over $100,000+. The sky is the limit from there! We encourage our recruiters to aim high and reap the financial rewards that come with working hard, managing their time well and just hanging in there!

Desired Backgrounds:  Successful Recruiters come from the following backgrounds:

  • Outside business to business Sales Reps that are tired of working out of a car;
  • Small business owners that have the ambition to succeed, but not the capital, support or training you need to continue;
  • Retail managers who fully understand P&L management and the effect of hiring a good or bad employee has on a businesses bottom line;
  • Ambitious / extremely assertive Executive Assistants, Office Managers, Administrative Assistants that are tired of doing all the work and the boss getting all the credit;
  • Anybody that is willing and able to put in the time, hours and effort it takes to make it to the top!  Someone that has something to prove.  This is not a job for the weak at heart.  Must be thick-skinned; an over-achiever that just needs someone to give them a chance to prove what they can do.  You provide the fire and desire, and we’ll provide the rest!

We offer:  Comfortable base salary provided + an extremely aggressive commission program.   We offer health benefits, dental, 401-k plan, paid vacations, paid holidays, 4 weeks of formal training by one of our industry’s best trainers, 150 years of combined staffing experience among our current management team, on-going support & more!  

If you strongly believe you would enjoy the challenges and rewards of a Executive Recruiter position at dmDickason Executive Search, please complete our online application to begin your candidacy.

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