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Unemployment claims cost businesses thousands of dollars a year. Unfortunately, few employers actually realize how their company’s bottom line is so negatively impacted when state unemployment (SUI) rates are allowed to climb from employee turnover. Every business owner or manager is always concerned with where hard-earned dollars go; yet, we talk to employers everyday who are paying an extra 2-3% of their payroll in additional SUI because they are not fully aware of how the system works.

Unfortunately, when a company receives a poor annual increased SUI rate due to their negligence of the system, it normally takes up to three years before it can be substantially reduced, By that time, employers with even a small amount of unwarranted employee turnover will experience a tremendous increased expense!

In the PEO relationship dmDickason Staff Leasing Company is responsible for the handling of all unemployment claim filings on our SUI account – your company will no longer have a SUI rate. Instead, your company instantaneously benefits from our existing, professionally managed rate.

Obviously, we must take an aggressive stance against all unemployment claims and fight unfounded claims to simply preserve our rating with all State agencies. If any employee is eligible to receive unemployment compensation, we will follow the letter of the law in making sure they receive their benefits; however, those employees who do not follow the rules can expect a denial.

With so great of potential for savings, it makes sense to take a closer look at how dmDickason can help manage your unemployment costs!

dmDickason's Standard Unemployment Administration Services include:

  • On-going review of employee handbooks / policies and procedures to eliminate loop-holes in unwarranted claims
  • Provide pre-separation counseling
  • Investigations and routine claims response handling
  • Attending claims hearings and appealing unwarranted claims to the fullest extent of the law
  • Coordinate witnesses for appeal hearings
  • Attend new hearings at the appellate level
  • Employee records retention, storage and management
  • Legal review of documents
  • Checking accuracy of weekly benefit rates and claims duration
  • Monthly unemployment claims audits of state records
  • Unemployment tax filing under dmDickason’s SUI tax account
  • Unemployment tax liability
  • Unemployment benefits payments made by dmDickason
  • Unemployment benefits coordination
  • We conduct workshops / seminars on hiring and termination practices

If your company already has a reasonably attractive state unemployment rate, but is tired of the hassle of effectively administering your in-house program (including the duties above), dmDickason will be happy to carve out this core service from the rest of our PEO services, and provide you with a quote for unemployment claims administration only. This will allow you, the employer, to use dmDickason’s aggressive unemployment claims handling services, and still retain your state unemployment rate and your account.

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