Benefits of Using a PEO


ü Controls Administrative costs;
ü Reduces Accounting & Payroll costs;
ü Saves time and paperwork hassles;
ü Provides professional compliance (EEOC, Payroll, IRCA);
ü Access to an HR Professional;
ü No unemployment claims to process;
ü No Workers’ Compensation claims to process;
ü Provides professional human resources services (Employee Handbooks, forms, Policies & Procedures, better communication for employee grievance issues).


ü Improved employer / employee communications;
ü Payroll always on time and accurate;
ü Professional assistance with employment related problems;
ü Professional / complete new employee orientation and enrollment forms;
ü Access to a HR Professional;
ü Direct answers to questions regarding unemployment compensation;
ü Professional claims management services for injured employees;
ü Professional orientation and Employee Handbook;
ü Provides statutory protection to more employees.

dmDickason Staff Leasing Company provides small and large sized companies with cost-effective solutions to effectively and productively manage their employees. Services range from consulting to a broad range of outsourcing of the client’s HR department where dmDickason can assume many major employer risks and responsibilities.

Core services provided by dmDickason:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll Administration
  • Payroll Tax administration and Tax compliance
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Employee benefits coordination
  • Workers’ Compensation administration
  • Workers’ Compensation claims handling
  • Risk reduction and safety solutions
  • Unemployment claims handling
  • Recruiting and Staffing
  • Outsourcing many of the above responsibilities to dmDickason enables our clients to regain focus of its core competencies, ultimately increasing value and competitiveness, lowering risk and overhead and ultimately raising potential for each client.

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