Our Delivery Team

Established in 1965, dmDickason Personnel Services is a full-service, privately-owned Human Capital Staffing and Management company that structures, implements and manages customized staffing and human resource services for small to large businesses in local, regional and national markets.

dmDickason’s goal is to assist each client to increase its’ overall efficiency, productivity and profitability by shifting the burdensome tasks of “back-office” management with more effective and efficient outsourced solutions.

dmDickason Staff Leasing Company acts as a strategic partner with each of our clients by providing critical human capital management services and the implementation of risk reduction strategies. Services are delivered through the establishment of an employer relationship with its’ client employers, at their respective workplaces, through dmDickason’s management delivery team as illustrated below:

Carol Salcedo: cjsalcedo@dmdickason.com Don Dickason: don@dmdickason.com Dan Tovar: riskmgr@dmdickason.com  hrcoordinator1@dmdickason.com  uccoordinator@dmdickason.com Business Development Manager: don@dmdickason.com Richard Langone: cfo@dmdickason.com Martha Dickason: martha@dmdickason.com

dmDickason’s core services fall into the following list of staffing and human resource management categories:

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