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The dmDickason Difference

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is “extra”
10 Top Reasons for using dmDICKASON Personnel Services
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  1. We know what we are doing – Over 40 years experience, right here in El Paso!
  2. 40+ local staff employees (most are specialists in their field) to serve you
  3. The best A rated staffing industry insurance protection available.
  4. Convenience – El Paso’s only one stop shopping / full-service staffing Company
  5. Price Competitive: Are you looking for cheap, or the best value?
  6. Locally / privately Owned & Operated – The Buck(s) stop here!
  7. The best trained / most experienced staffing industry Specialists in the Region
  8. We care! We really want your business
  9. Every staffing service is not the same – We are the best at what we do!
  10. Local / in-house Payroll Processing / Risk Mgmt & Human Resource Services.

  11. And even one more...
  12. We are certified by the American Staffing Association (ASA) in both labor law and Risk Management compliance & a member in good standing with both the ASA and NAPEO (the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations)

dmDickason Difference #5

Price Competitive:

Are you looking for cheap, or the best value?

Benefit to You?

Compare the Difference. As the well-known saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. If you think the “cheaper” staffing service is really less expensive than dmDickason, it’s only because they are not providing your Company with the same level of services, support, specialty experience, well-screened quality candidates and / or A rated insurance protection you must expect from your staffing company…….especially in today’s highly litigious society.

The lowest bid. Can your business really afford to take the risk of using the lowest bidder when your employees represent the single most important asset (and liability) of / to your Company? Normally, when required to submit our bid to a company that is requesting staffing services, it is generally dmDickason’s policy to “no bid”. Since a bid proposal is almost always awarded to the cheapest bidder, with little regard to the quality of service provided, dmDickason has determined that this is not our market, and we typically choose not to represent Client Employers where the lowest cost is the prevailing factor in obtaining quality staffing services. Unfortunately, we have also found a direct correlation between low bid companies and high worksite risk and liability.

dmDickason, however, only knows how to provide one kind of service; and that is, service beyond expectations! We absolutely refuse to sacrifice the integrity of our service for the lowest price and therefore, will not cut required and necessary services and employer protection, just to win a bid. We would rather loose your business than provide your company with cut-rate services.

The traditional mark up charged by staffing companies is based on the actual cost of providing complete quality staffing services to your company, plus a reasonable profit. Let us help you do a line-by-line justification of the important services & product differences between dmDickason and the “cheaper” service, and we will prove to you that we are the premier service for the cost. Then you decide if a few extra cents per hour is worth the dmDickason difference or not. We believe you will!

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